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Devour is an unforgiving roguelite about deformed clones, tongue demons and ripping apart and choking down anything vaguely edible. It's a dog eat dog world out there but someone just ate the last dog.

Devour is currently in Pre-Alpha and looking for community feedback.

Become part of our community today and make your mark on the game through the link below:



Game Development can be messy and mistakes and oversights are unavoidable.  If you encounter a bug or find a feature that you think can be done better let us know, either through our Discord Link above or messaging  our email below.


If neither of these options work for you try leaving a comment on this page but our chances of seeing it are much higher if either of the methods above are used.

Install instructions

Extract Zip with Win.rar or equivalent

Read Eula

Open Devour Folder

Click Devour.Exe

Click Play


Devour 0.4.0.zip 35 MB

Development log


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this one is good... i joined the discord (:


i cant even install it. when i hit the download link, there are no versions i can select to install, and as such doesnt allow me to install.



Hi Splurje,

The download link should automatically download the game to your pc and is not intended to redirect you to any other pages.

Have you checked your downloads folder to confirm it did not download? The file should be named Devour 0.3.1.zip .

If this does not work let me know and I will look into it.


where i can download this game? it looks like nuclear throne

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The download should be listed above, let me know if its not showing up. Games like Binding of Isaac, Nuclear throne and Enter the Gungeon were definitely all inspirations :)


A pretty solid pre-alpha. I didn't understand all the elements but had some yummy alien meat. :)